Friends of the Festival

Thank you so much to all our friends for supporting the festival.

It costs just £10 per year to become a Friend of the Festival and you are eligible for free admittance during the festival itself.

Music and drama lovers, if you haven’t already, please join us and support the arts.

We need your help to keep us going!

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Festival, please complete the Friends Membership Form and post it to the address shown on the form.

Our Friends

Karen Ackerman
Benedict Ashmore
Julian Bavetta
Kathleen Black
Joanna Brown
Olivia Burren
Tonie Egner
Mary Fabb
Bukola Feyistan
Peter Fudge
Jayne Gill
Rashmi Godbole
Glenis Gurney
Frieda Keane

Our Friends

James Kirby
Anna Knight
Anne Macintosh
Angelus Marr
Shirley Marr
Natalie Michaelides
Gladys Minnah
Lucy Omordia
Maggie Rahim
Stella Redburn
Hilary Rothera
Andreas Schonle

Our Friends

Dr Morris Schwartz
Lisa Sharp
Joanna Skillett
Ron Skillett
Richard Small
Jenny Tarrant
Matthew Taylor
Walter Tee
Maureen Westcott
Elaine Wootton
Michael Wootton
Sally Wright