We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a festival in February/March 2021, although it will be different from how we have done it in the past.

We are offering a simplified syllabus this year; all entries and payments are to be made online; and entrants will be invited to submit videos of their performances.

  • Closing date for entries: 31 Jan 2021
  • Closing date for video submissions: 12 Feb 2021

Videos will be adjudicated by a professional adjudicator as normal, and mark sheets and class winners will be awarded.

Adjudicators will not need copies of published scores and texts.

Where an entrant is performing their own original piece, a copy of the score or text will need to be submitted with your video entry; where an adjudicator is unfamiliar with a piece, they may request a copy of the published sheet music or text.

Performances will be made available for other class entrants to view, as would normally be the case. These will be accessible via a private link. We may wish to share them more widely on our website and social media channels, but this will only be done with the consent of the entrants or their parents/ guardians.

There will not be any cups issued this year – so if you have one from 2020, please look after it for us until 2022!

Please enter into the spirit of the festival and have fun. We are relying on your support and talent to make this year’s festival a success. Please abide by the rules and embrace the experience.