COVID-19 Safety Guidance

COVID-19 Safety Guidance for The Stratford and East London Music Festival 2022

This guidance has been prepared to mitigate the risk of Covid infections at the Stratford and East London Music Festival 2022. The Festival will be held at St Mary’s Church, Woodford Green and Forest School, Waltham Forest on 8th February and between 14th and 19th February 2022.

It applies to all entrants, adjudicators, parents, guardians, teachers, accompanists, volunteers, school and church staff and their representatives, Friends of the Festival and other attendees.

This guidance reflects government guidance as of the 24th January 2022, and as described on the website.

COVID Guidance Summary

If you are self isolating or exhibiting COVID symptoms, please do not attend the festival. We ask that attendees do a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before coming to the festival. Masks should be worn at all times whilst on festival premises, apart from when performing. Please use the anti-viral hand sanitiser and wipes provided. Be mindful of social distancing and respect the COVID concerns of others.

Measures Being Applied & Guidance

  1. Anyone self isolating or experiencing COVID symptoms must not attend the festival
  2. Hand anti-viral sanitiser will be available at the entrance and exit to the festival
  3. Anti-viral hand sanitiser and wipes will be available in performance and practice rooms
  4. Masks must be worn by everyone attending the festival whilst in communal areas unless they have a medical exclusion. Communal areas have been defined by the school as anywhere inside or outside on their premises
  5. Adjudicators need not wear masks whilst adjudicating and sat at the ‘table’ but must wear masks at other times
  6. Accompanists need not wear masks whilst accompanying a participant
  7. Convenors must wear masks at all times apart from when issuing instructions to classes
  8. Performers must hand sanitise before and after their performance when using shared equipment (music stands and props). In the case of keyboards, anti-viral wipes will be more appropriate.
  9. Shared equipment will be wiped between classes or grouped classes, as appropriate
  10. Choirs and bands should sit together, including their conductors and teachers
  11. Participants and their teachers and accompanists should, where feasible, sit together and only attend a performance room for their class(es)
  12. Social distancing should be maintained wherever possible
  13. Where windows and doors can be left safely open, they will be, to improve ventilation. Please wear suitable clothing.
  14. Attendees should wear their festival wristbands prominently during the festival
  15. Attendees should remain in the areas reserved for the festival and not enter other areas of the venues being used
  16. Spare face masks will be available at the registration desks at each venue, but attendees will be expected to bring their own
  17. We ask that attendees do a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before attending the festival