Dates, Venues and Entry Fees


Dates for 2022 festival:

  • Choirs, Orchestras & Bands: 8 February 2022
  • Speech & Drama: 14 February 2022
  • Solo & Ensemble Singing: 15 – 16 February 2022
  • Piano: 14 – 17 February 2022
  • Instrumental Classes: 17 – 18 February 2022
  • Millennium Competitions: 18 February 2022
  • Confinemento Competitions: 18 February 2022
  • Concerto: 17 February 2022
  • Recorders: 18 February 2022
  • Young Musician of the Year: 19 February 2022

Time: Competitions generally start at 10 am each day but please check your tickets.

Please Note: The Festival Committee reserves the right to alter the dates if it is found to be necessary.

Note to trophy holders: Please return your trophies in good time, before 10 January 2022, so that the 2022 winners can have their own award on the day. Please contact if you have any questions relating to a trophy.

Last date for receipt of entries:

20 December 2021



Choral Singing, Orchestras & Bands competitions:

St Mary’s Parish Church, High Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2PA


Nearest Underground station:

Central Line to South Woodford then walk or take 179 bus.


All other competitions:

Forest School, College Place, Snaresbrook, London, E17 3PY


Nearest Underground stations:

  • Central Line to Snaresbrook, then walk or taxi.
  • Victoria Line to Walthamstow Central then taxi or 20 bus (heading to Loughton/Debden).


The location of your competition will be printed on your ticket. This will be sent to you at least ten days before the competitions start.

Please Note: The Festival Committee reserves the right to alter the venues if it is found to be necessary.


Entry Fees



Age Limits

  • Where these apply, they refer to the competitor’s age on 1st September 2021.
  • For a group/duet/ensemble, give the age of the oldest performer. The fee is determined by the age of the oldest performer, except for open classes.