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2023 Festival Winners

Our 2023 festival was held on 6 and 13 - 18 February 2023. Here's a rundown of the 2023 winners...

Millennium Classes

Under 10

Roger Wu

£25 prize

Under 14

Sam Allen

£25 prize

Winner of the European Piano Teachers’ Association (EPTA) Cup

Maxwell Johnson

(and selected to represent SELMF at the North London Piano Competition)

Felix Marr Piano Award

Keke Hu

£500 prize

Joe Dodd Award for Jazz Piano

Jaden Young

£25 prize

Concerto Class

Gabriella Bavetta

£100 prize

Adult Singing Open Recital Class

Amos Paran

£50 prize

Junior Singing Recital Class

Rose Buggle

£50 prize

Leila Grisley Award Singing Open Challenge Recital Class

Andrew Bennett

£100 prize

English in Song and Speech

Katie Mollard

£25 prize

Young Musician of the Year

Finn Anderson-Hendra (cello)

£100 prize


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