Past Festivals

2021 Festival

The Felix Marr Award was won by Edward Leung. Caitlin Liew and Alex Lockyer won the Millennium classes and, for the fourth time in the last five years, Gabrielle Bavetta won the Concerto class. The Young Musicians’ competition was held as usual and was won by Gabrielle Bavetta. She is an extremely talented musician and we congratulate her and wish her a successful future.

2020 Festival

The Young Musicians’ evening was very enjoyable. It was introduced by two drama winners, Dilan Silah and Shavaiz Munawar, plus Vishalini Kanthurapan with an excerpt from Pygmalion.

2019 Festival

The Millennium classes demand examples of three disciplines. The under 10 years class was won by Tristan Law with performances on piano, violin and with voice.

2018 Festival

The Young Musicians’ competition was as outstanding as ever. This year there seemed little to choose between our eight competitors – any one of them could have won. In fact it was the pianist Julia de Luca who was judged the winner. I am sure we will hear more about all of them in the future.

2017 Festival

One hundred and thirty five years ago a group of musicians met to discuss holding a music festival. They formed a music council of 27 members; only local people could enter the 20 classes and the whole festival took place on a Friday and Saturday in April, during afternoons and evenings. Now we have a committee of 15 and a festival that lasts for over a week with, at times, three competitions taking place simultaneously.

2016 Festival

We had many more competitors for the Millennium classes which we had moved from the Saturday – this was thanks to a parent who suggested reasons why Saturday was difficult. We are always pleased to listen to any suggestions for improvements – please see Ron, our Chairman.

2015 Festival

Our Young Musicians’ evening was outstanding. For the first time the winner was an oboist – Miles Bruce-Jones. Until this year, our Young Musician of the Year winners comprised three pianists, three singers, two recorder players, a violinist and a flautist.

2014 Festival

Holding our Young Musician of the Year evening on the Saturday instead of the Sunday meant we were unable to have the Mayors of Redbridge and Waltham Forest, as it clashed with the Lord Mayor’s dinner. However the Deputy Mayor of Redbridge came along, together with the President of the Snaresbrook and Wanstead Roatary Club and we had a very successful evening.